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Twin siblings Isabella "Bunny" Bennett and David Michael Bennett, creators of the musical act "Steam Powered Giraffe", bring you a podcast where they talk about everything from movies, video games, technology, art, the meaning of life, what it's like to be a human, and their happenings with their group Steam Powered Giraffe.
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-David Michael Bennett "The Spine"


Dec 27, 2016
Episode 11: Cream Your Opponents!

On this 11th episode of the podcast Bunny and Chelsea can't make it so David Bennett from the band Steam Powered Giraffe are joined by friends Gabi Gonzalez and returning podcast guest Aleigha Rhoads.

They talk about cartoons, video games, and catch up with everyone's holiday plans!

P.S.- This podcast was last minute so we couldn't do cartoony art for Gabi's face!

Dec 21, 2016
Episode 10: Shut Up Abraham Lincoln!

On this 10th episode of the podcast Bunny and David from the band Steam Powered Giraffe are joined by fellow bandmate Samuel Luke (Hatchworth) and newest robot member Bryan Barbarin (Zero).

They talk about the formation of Steam Powered Giraffe, have a fond farewell for Samuel Luke (who is leaving the band to focus on his own music), chat about their favorite memories, and even all sing a Steam Powered Giraffe song together! We get to know Bryan a bit more through some questions and also ask him "the lunch machine" question!

Dec 12, 2016
Episode 9: Pokemon Go Frappuccinos

On this 9th episode of the podcast Bunny, David, and Chelsea from the band Steam Powered Giraffe are present.

Spine and Rabbit go on their very own Pokemon adventure with some robot improv. Then David, Chelsea, and Bunny discuss video games, tv shows, drugs, leash laws, and answer some Twitter questions.

Dec 6, 2016
Episode 8: The Wacky Western West Milkshake

Note: This episode features the "f-word" uncensored a few times and as such is marked as explicit.

On this eighth episode of the podcast Bunny, David, and Chelsea from the band Steam Powered Giraffe are present.

They talk about Westworld, Bunny answers some transgender questions, they all discuss dealing with internet fandom culture, and they do some robot improv.